I have expressed some of my concerns with the data that I have access to in my previous post but I now have a new concern. I remember Professor Davis telling the class that he has encountered some issues in the past when trying to import data to RStudio from an excel .csv file. Unfortunately that is the only form I have the data in. Hopefully everything goes smoothly.

Data I Found

Since my last post I have found a considerable amount of data however I am unsure if the type of data will be fitting for the purpose of this research project. The data I have access to includes a couple million flights that occurred all over the country from my understanding. For each flight there are data fields for the flight ID,  aircraft ID, the date, time , latitude, longitude, altitude, and ground speed. Because of the complexity of the data I am unsure if I’ll be able to use it however I am determined to find a way. I will bring my concern up to Professor Davis in our next class.  P.S. I have downloaded R and RStudio finally after the few setbacks I’ve had and have been trying to get more familiar with it.

Research Idea (Update)

Although I have previously showed interest in gathering data about nuclear tests and the resulting nuclear fallout, these numbers have proven quite difficult to find and for the most part aren’t concrete due to the reporting party being the entity that  conducts these experiments in the first place. It is for this reason that I have decided to try a different avenue for my research project and search for data elsewhere. I will write back here with any further progress.

Research idea

I am thinking about trying to get some data regarding nuclear tests and the resulting nuclear fallout. I would look into the amount of radioactive material used versus the resulting radiation fallout.